Monday 14 September 2015

Marshfield Clinic Eau Claire Progress 9.11.2015

Posted at 9:06 AM

Have a look at the recent aerial video of Marshfield Clinic's Eau Claire location.

Read about the recent construction progress and the coming up plans.


  • Roofing is complete, sheet metal coping is starting next week
  • Metal Panel install is pending material delivery which is in two weeks
  • All brick and stone work is complete both outside and inside.  Only a few small items remain (few window sills)
  • All windows are installed, including the sun shades on the West side
  • Curtainwall framing is complete and 95% of the glass is installed.  Doors will be installed in a couple of weeks
  • Retaining wall on West side is complete, East wall footing is complete and the walls are starting.  You can see the form liner being applied (white panels)


  • Drywall should be complete by early next week
  • Taping, sanding and painting have been progressing as we complete the areas with drywall.  Some patient rooms have been painted and we anticipate all the rooms on the West side to be painted by next week
  • Patient room tile is well underway.  Additional manpower is expected Monday which finish all toilet room tile work
  • All mechanical and electrical work is caught up and pushing other trades to complete
  • Fireplaces have arrived and are ready for install pending other finishes

Over the next few weeks we’ll be placing additional finishes such as flooring, ceilings and casework.  In addition the parking lot and entry work will be started.