Monday 3 August 2015

Marshfield Clinic- Eau Claire, WI -- Progress Update

Posted at 10:41 AM

Marshfield Clinic - Progress Update

Marshfield Clinic is planning to add an overnight recovery wing to its main building on Eau Claire’s southwest side.

Plans filed with the city show a 17,500-square-foot addition to the south end of the clinic at 2116 Craig Road. We have attached an aerial video of the recent construction and a up-to-date list of the construction progress:


  • Steel erection is complete, including canopy

    • Stairs are onsite and being installed

  • Brick continues to be installed along the West elevation

  • South side is nearly all enclosed

    • Windows are wrapped and wall is ready for spray foam next week

    • Brick will start in 1-2 weeks

  • The curtain wall framing is complete along the East elevation

    • Glass is anticipated next week and we’ll be installing as it arrives

  • Punched windows are ready for install and awaiting more openings ready to receive

  • Roofing continues to chase the decking and parapets

    • Anticipate a complete roof in the next 1-2 weeks

  • Metal panels (furring) will begin shortly

  • Stone for the East elevation is available and will begin after brick is complete

  • West retaining wall is ongoing


  • Interior studs continue from North to South

    • HM door frames are being installed

  • Drywall has started at corridors to get the HVAC going

  • Interior spray foam is complete on the West and some of the South walls

  • Mechanical piping, HVAC, and electrical conduit are busy making their way through the space

  • Basement fireproofing was completed and inspected today

  • The first slab pour in the basement was completed today

Marshfield-Clinic Aerial