Monday 31 August 2015

Marshfield Clinic Eau Claire Progress 8.26.15

Posted at 10:32 AM

As you can see there is still a tremendous amount of activity outside. However, that work is quickly coming to a close.


  • Roofing is complete
    • Coping has been measured and being fabricated
  • Foam insulation and metal panel substrate is complete
    • Metal panels being fabricated
  • Masonry work is 95% complete with only a couple small areas in the back
  • Curtainwall / windows / glass is nearly complete
    • Front entry / sloped wall are being prepped now
    • Clerestory windows are complete
    • East curtainwall is complete however have poly covering to protect during construction
  • Retaining wall
    • West wall complete
    • East wall has begun


  • Wall and soffit framing is nearly completion
  • Drywall is main focus now – have anywhere from 20-30 carpenters working on this area
  • Drywall taping has begun as areas free up
  • Toilet room floor prep and subsequent tile installation is expected next week
    • Patient toilet rooms will be first priority as tile work accounts for 70% of the flooring work
  • Plumbing and piping rough-in is complete on main level
  • HVAC is continuing as walls are completed down corridor
    • Major units have been installed in basement
  • Sprinklers are nearing completion at lower level, main level has begun