Tuesday 13 October 2015

Marshfield Clinic Eau Claire Progress 10.12.2015

Posted at 8:48 AM

Enjoy the recent drone flyover, unfortunately we’re not able to fly it inside to show you the great progress. 

Read about the recent construction progress and the coming up plans.


  • Metal panels around clerestory will be complete this week
  • Canopy ceiling and panels will continue this week and next
  • Patio area is well underway with pavers and irrigation
  • Gazebo will be installed in two weeks
  • Site landscaping, plants and sod will be started this week
  • Retaining wall paint will be done this week


  • Painting and vinyl wallcoverings are 99% complete
  • Casework is 99% complete
  • Wood paneling at patient head walls complete, corridor ceilings underway – anticipate completion this week
  • Acoustical grid work will be complete this week – also working on tile installation throughout
  • Vinyl flooring is 99%, carpeting is being done this week
  • Ceramic tile at the Lounge and Lobby are being prepped/started