At ADG, we understand the importance of engaging all of a project's stakeholders - from students, faculty, and administrators, to the community at large. Learning facilities must foster different modes of intellectual exchange, with a design that is both flexible and adaptable for the future. Since learning doesn't just occur in the classroom, we often incorporate informal and outdoor spaces in our projects to encourage interaction and inspiration.

ADG has provided architectural and design services for numerous educational and municipal clients. We understand that these facilities are truly unique building types that have a meaningful presence in their communities.

The ADG design team understands what separates a good facility from a great one. The difference is in the details of how we work. ADG strives to work closley and collaboratively with its clients and stakeholders. Our knowledgeable and highly experienced team works with the best possible construction manager to take our client's ideas and concepts and creates a facility that meets their needs and requirements.