9:19 AM CST

From start to finish we have kept you up to date with aerial videos during the construction of Marshfield Clinic - Eau Claire. When the exterior looks so great, you just can't wait to see the inside! Well, now you can! 

 11:57 AM CST

Here is the latest "eye in the sky" construction work video for Trempealeau County Health Center. 

 10:41 AM CST

Check out the latest aerial video of the construction site for Altoona elementary school.

 8:48 AM CST

Enjoy the recent drone flyover, unfortunately we’re not able to fly it inside to show you the great progress. 

Read about the recent construction progress and the coming up plans.

 1:43 PM CST

Have a look at the recent aerial video of Marshfield Clinic's Eau Claire location.